Salesforce JavaScript Developer 1 certification review

Today, a good way to check your skills is to take a certification, it is a document which guarantees that the consultant knows a determined scope of expertise.

Javascript Developer 1 - Salesforce

In this article, I want to specifically describe the JavaScript certification offered by Salesforce:

Javascript Developer I

In addition to passing the exam during the MCQ, you have to get the awesome Lightning Web Component badge :

Super Badge LWC

To unlock the passage of this great badge, you must first complete another series of badges:

Tools for reviewing:

In order to prepare for this exam, I started by reading the basic concepts of JavaScript:

All topics are covered even more than what is necessary for certification.

Trailhead also offers a guide on scope of certification, more precisely 3 badges:

It is possible to train with an example of MCQ from the SalesforceCert site:

If you do not wish to read, it is possible to go through youtube videos, here is the link :


Reviewing this certification takes time!

The perimeter is quite large. For my part, I have finished the great badge, but I still have a good part of the JavaScript on the Server side (Node Js) to review before I start.register for the MCQ.

I hope these few links have been of use to you.